how to avoid split hair? Causes and natural treatment.

Split hair

 Hair thinning is one of the common problems that many women suffer from as a result of several reasons, so hair appears effortlessly and badly in spite of multiple attempts to fine tune it, and thinness usually appears at the ends of the hair and may increase and extend even the hairs, which leads to its complete damage, and dealing is done With hair breakage and treatment, by starting to know the reasons leading to its occurrence, and then to provide appropriate treatment, which includes in most cases the use of household mixtures and attention to nourishing hair.

avoid split hair

 Avoid the main causes of split hair.
 Cut split hair, and it is recommended to cut hair off the split edge by one centimeter.
 Use a comb made of natural materials, such as natural bone, ivory, steel, or wood. Keep hair clean.
 Avoid hairdo while wet.

recipes for split hair treatment

 Massage oils for the scalp and hair with natural oils, especially coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, and almond oil, with the aim of improving blood flow in the scalp and thus nourishing the hair internally and externally, and it is one of the best known recipes; And warm it with a hot water bath or by rubbing it with two hands, then massaging it with a warm scalp.


 It is considered a rich source of protein and fat, and is used by mixing an egg with two tablespoons of yoghurt homogeneously, and applying the mixture on the hair for half an hour before washing it with water and shampoo, and it is recommended to apply the mixture once a week.

Papaya and olive oil

 Mix enough quantity of papaya slices with five drops of olive oil homogeneously in the electric mixer, then apply the mixture on the hair and cover it with a shower cap and leave it for half an hour, before washing it with water and shampoo, it is recommended to apply the mixture twice a week.


 Almond oil puree the avocado and mix with a few drops of almond oil homogeneously, and apply the mixture to the hair for half an hour before washing it.

the banana

 Puree a banana smoothly, and apply it to the hair from the roots to the ends for half an hour before washing the hair, and it is recommended to apply the mixing day after day.

Milk and carrots

 Mix half a cup of warm whole milk with grated carrot in the electric mixer as an appetizer, and apply the mixture on the hair for forty minutes before washing it, and it is recommended to apply the mixture once a week.

Fenugreek and mustard oil

 Mix a cup of mustard oil with a tablespoon of the fenugreek, and put the mixture in a thick saucepan on a low heat for a third of an hour, then allow it to cool and filter, and use boiled to massage the scalp daily.

Reasons for split hair

 Dry hair, and not care to moisturise it effectively.
Malnutrition and lack of a diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals.
Exposure of hair to excessive sunlight, or exposure to weather fluctuations.
Excessively washing the hair, thus losing natural oils and salts necessary to increase its elasticity and protect it from split ends.
Using a shampoo that is not suitable for hair type.
Not to rinse hair well with water after shampooing it.
Few or no washing of hair, which leads to the accumulation of dirt, grease and dust on the scalp and around the hair shaft, thus exposing it to split ends.
 Using a comb with sharp teeth to comb the hair, as it leads to electricity in the hair and thus to split ends. Hairstyle while wet.
 Wrong hair drying with an electric hair dryer.
 Increased hair length, as the percentage of fat in hair decreases as it increases its length.