Benefits of chewing gum

chewing gum

 The use of chewing gum is widespread among a large number of people, but most of them practice this habit without awareness of its importance and the great benefit it offers them, and despite the misconceptions that prevail in eastern and Arab societies about the inadequacy of chewing frankincense for men, however experts in this field advise eating frankincense in a manner Regular by both sexes and for most age groups except for toddlers.

 Benefits of chewing gum

 Protecting teeth from decay

 Using frankincense after eating meals and other sweets and drinks helps protect teeth from pigmentation and decay, and dentists are advised to continue chewing frankincense after finishing eating for a minimum of 15 minutes, which is the time needed to stimulate the salivary glands to secrete saliva and eliminate bacteria causing decay and odor Bad breath in the mouth, and saliva counteract the acids produced by fermented food in the mouth and keep the color of the teeth from yellowing.

 Weight loss

 One of the studies carried out by the Mayo Clinic confirmed that chewing frankincense continuously for an hour burns 11 calories without the need for any physical exertion. The study also showed that chewing gum after meals reduces the desire to eat sweets and other snacks between Meals.

Relaxing muscles and fighting stress

 Chewing gum helps expel the feelings of stress and anxiety that attack a person during periods of psychological distress, in addition to his ability to relax the muscle and relax him and get rid of his cramping, which usually accompanies the cases of tension. In a study conducted on school students, frankincense was presented to a group of students shortly before the exam while leaving The other group without chewing frankincense, and in the exam, the expected results emerged as students got rid of the first group of feelings of anxiety and kept them relaxed, while feelings of tension and anxiety increased during the examination for the second group of students.

 Activate memory and increase focus

 Chewing gum helps to raise blood glucose, thereby stimulating the brain and brain’s ability to remember and focus. Also, chewing gum helps move the lower jaw regularly, which in turn increases brain activity and alertness.

 Fight the pouring tears of chopping onions

 A recent study conducted on a group of individuals showed that chewing on milk while chopping onions reduces the amount of pouring tears and reduces burning eyes.

 Treat some diseases

 Chewing gum helps prevent infections and ulceration of the gums, it also helps to get rid of bloating caused by the accumulation of air in the abdomen, and eliminate sputum and other chest moistures, as frankincense has proven effective in stimulating stomach work and improving digestion.