How do I get rid the smell of shoes

Foot odor

 An unpleasant and disturbing foot odor is a very common problem among people. It in turn causes an embarrassment to the person himself, and causes discomfort to other people. There is no doubt that the main reason behind this is due to the formation of sweat in these shoes, as the areas where thyroid glands are most present are the feet and hands, compared to other parts of the body. The process of preventing and controlling the presence of sweat is very laborious, but with good and continuous care of both feet and shoes, a person can get clean feet completely free from any annoying odor. The foot should be taken care of first so that it does not sweat, and then pick the right shoes.

Steps to get rid of bad Shoe smell

 To get rid of the smell of the feet, you should:
Daily washing of the feet: In order to keep the foot clean, by washing them with a little warm water and good soap, to get rid of all dirt, bacteria and sweat that causes this smell, they should be washed at least twice a day, taking into account good washing around the nails and between the toes Where foot care and cleaning is important, because it is an important part of the body, where there is a small group of people ignore it.
 Keeping the feet dry: The bacteria live and multiply in wet areas and are suitable for their growth, so the feet should be thoroughly washed, and then dried completely.
 Wearing the appropriate socks: Suitable socks should be chosen because they will help the smell not appear again, since when wearing closed shoes without socks this works to make the smell faster and in addition to wearing new socks with no more frequent wearing of socks, preferably When choosing socks that are natural and cotton also.
 Sprinkle the shoe with its special powder: in order to eliminate all odors in it and resist it, or by using a little baking soda, and put it in the shoe, until it absorbs all unpleasant odors.


 Exfoliation of the feet helps to reduce the unpleasant smell of the foot and the shoes together, so it is advised to make a mixture in order to exfoliate the feet, or using a stone designed for the foot, when obtaining clean feet, this works in limiting the growth of one of the bacteria, in addition to constantly moistening the feet, And that is by using some essential oils such as lavender, or mint, to help kill all unpleasant smells, as moisture keeps the feet soft.