What are the benefits of lemon salt?

lemon salt

 Lemon salt or citric acid, which is an organic acid found in citrus fruits and considered one of the natural preservatives. Lemon salt was discovered in the eighth century AD by the Arab world Jabir bin Hayyan, which is crystals or granules of transparent white color that are highly dissolved in water and alcohol. Also.

Lemon salt is distinguished by its very acidic taste, and it is an inexpensive substance that is abundant in perfumery stores. Citric acid can be found in many fruits such as berries, grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and many others. Lemon salt is used in many different uses, and we will learn in this article about its most important uses at all levels.

Benefits and uses of lemon salt

 Used as an excellent alternative to lemon to give the sour taste of some foods.
 It is used in cleaning ceramics and gives them a great shine, and can also be used in cleaning metal and copper utensils as well.
 It is used in washing white clothes to preserve bright white and remove yellow stains, if any, by placing an appropriate amount in the drawer of the automatic washing machine or in the basin of a regular washing machine.
 It removes stains, deposits, and blackness in bathrooms or the kitchen.
 Eliminates bad odors and exhalation in the kitchen.
 It is used in carpet washing as it removes stains and better carpet cleaning.
 It is used in polishing glassware as well as antiques by soaking them in an amount of water in which a suitable amount of lemon salt is dissolved for several hours and then washed, thereby restoring their luster and luster.
 It is also used to care for the feet by soaking the feet with warm water with lemon salt. It effectively helps to exfoliate the feet, but we must first test it on a small part of the skin to make sure it is not allergic to it.
 It is used in many cosmetics such as: shampoos, nail polish, and paint remover as well. It is used in seasoning meat, chicken and fish to get rid of exhalation, and adding a pungent flavor to them, especially before roasting.
 It is used in preserving the various cans that are available in the market, and it can also be used in the manufacture of jams and pickles.
 It can be used to clean the washing machine by putting an appropriate amount of it only without using washing powder, and to operate the washing machine without putting clothes on it, and thus we work to clean the lime and melt the dirt inside.

Lemon Salt Damage

 Stomach pain may lead to stomach ulcers.
Diarrhea and vomiting.

 It should be noted that lemon salt should be used in moderation and without exaggeration, taking into account keeping away from the eye area.